"all that grows under the sun" TM  since1979

Cal-Tropic Producers, LLC is a food marketing company founded in 1979. It is rooted deep in California agricultural tradition, yet focused squarely on today's trend toward healthier eating.

Our firm:

  • Specializes in dried fruit products for institutions, retailers and nonprofit organizations.

  • Develops or selects products for consumer appeal, nutritional goodness, value and convenience.

  • Keeps abreast of all U.S. Department of Agriculture and state meal planning requirements, and tailors its food service product lines to help customers comply with them.

  • Offers products that are free of peanuts and virtually all other allergens.

  • Cooperates with prime producers throughout California, almost all of which are second and third-generation family companies.

  • Works only with producers that observe all federal and state food safety regulations, undergo regular third-party food safety audits, and carry sufficient product liability insurance.

  • Acts as a master broker and cooperates with key regional distributors out-of-state.

  • Exists to make its customers successful.


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